Terms & Conditions

This site is owned and operated by "Aroon Trading Company".

Article 1 (Definitions)

The terms used in this article are defined as follows

  1. The "Service" refers to the use of payment services, systems, mail systems, and various internet services provided by Aroon Trading Company (the "Company") to provide information and products, as well as to provide support in connection with all of these services.
  2. A "User" is defined as a person who has agreed to the terms & conditions of the Service with us and who has registered as a trader and as a Partner.

Article 2 (Scope of Terms & Conditions)

The scope of this article is as follows:

  1. This Terms & Conditions shall apply to all relationships between the Company and the user in relation to the use of this service.
  2. The Company may change the contents of the Service and these Terms & Conditions Without prior notice to the user.

Article 3 (Content of Services)

  1. The company provide to users with Financial instruments trading systems, payment and settlement services, systems, mail delivery systems, and various Internet service.
  2. Users are entitled to receive support services related to the Service from the Company.
  3. The Service and support offerings may be modified or terminated for business or technical reasons.

Article 4 (User Registration)

  1. Those who wish to use this service can register by filling out the registration form on the website.
  2. The Service is open to anyone over 18 years old, who understands, reads and writes the language of the corresponding country, and who commits to abide by these terms of the Service.
  3. The Company shall send a confirmation e-mail to the user after receiving the application in the preceding paragraph. Upon sending the confirmation e-mail, the user registration is completed.

Article 5 (Precautions and Disclaimer)

  1. The users who have open an account with the Company shall have free and unlimited access to the Aroon Prime Trader.
  2. Any loss due to malfunction of the Aroon Prime Trader is not Company’s responsibility and remains entirely at user’s own risk.

Article 6 (Change of Information )

  1. When there is a change in the user's name, address, telephone number, email address, bank account and other information submitted to the Company, the user shall immediately notify the Company (change or modify the member registration information change on the administration screen).
  2. We are under no obligation to make any changes on your behalf
  3. In the event that you are unable to log in, you can retrieve your password by requesting it in the password reminder form to be sent to your registered email.We cannot take any responsibility for password leakage or any other problems caused by using this function, so please use it at your own risk.

Article 7 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights)

  1. As a general rule, it is prohibited to lend, sell or transfer the user ID issued by the Company to a third party.
  2. The user shall be responsible for the management of the ID, and the user who registered the ID shall be fully responsible for all acts done using the ID. (In the unlikely event that your ID is used by a third party or is leaked, please contact us immediately.
  3. Once registered, your ID will continue to be registered for as long as the Service continues.
  4. The user is identified by the ID.

Article 8 (Password Management)

  1. Regarding the password issued to the user by the Company, the user shall handle it with sufficient care to prevent it from being disclosed or leaked to a third party.
  2. Infringement and liability due to inadequate management of passwords, errors in use, or use by a third party shall be borne by the user.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address for various procedures.In event that the email address is illegally accessed by a third party, or if a third party takes any action such as approving various procedures, the user will be responsible for any damage or liability. You must exercise due diligence in managing your email address.

Article 9 (Handling of Personal Information)

  1. When the Company obtains personal information from users in connection with the operation of the Service, the Company will use the personal information only for the purposes for which it has obtained the prior consent of the user, and will not use it for any purpose other than that for which it was intended without the prior consent of the user.In managing and using personal information, we will take care not to harm the interests of users.
  2. The purposes for which the Company obtains personal information from the user are as follows, unless otherwise specified, and the user agrees to the purposes of use.
    • To confirm the identity of the user and to provide this service
    • To be used as marketing data for the purpose of conducting our business and improving our services
    • To introduce and advertise our services and information about other services
  3. We will not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the user, except in the following cases
    • When based on laws and regulations
    • When it is deemed appropriate to provide personal information at the request of a court or administrative body
    • When it is deemed appropriate to provide personal information in order to protect the life, body or property of the user or the public
    • When the Company consigns all or part of the handling of personal information to a subcontractor, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use described in the preceding paragraph
    • When personal information is provided as a result of a joint venture or other reasons for business succession
    • In other cases where disclosure or provision of personal information is deemed appropriate under normal social conventions

Article 10 (Consent to receive information by email)

  1. The Company or its subcontractors may send information about the Service to users by email.
  2. If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, please contact us using the contact form. If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, we will delete your registration information (account).

Article 11 (Method of Notification to Users)

  1. The Company may send notices or announcements to users by e-mail or by any other method deemed appropriate by the Company (e.g., notices on the User's My Page).
  2. The notification by e-mail in accordance with the preceding paragraph is considered to have reached the user's registered e-mail address when the Company sends the notification to the user's registered email address.

Article 12 (Prohibited Acts of Users)

As part of the use of the Service, you must not engage in any of the following acts. If any of the following are found to have occurred, we may suspend or delete your membership and freeze your commissions unconditionally. In some cases, legal action will be taken against you. We will determine whether or not an act is prohibited, and we shall not be required to explain the content or basis of the act to the user.

  1. Registering as a non-existent user
  2. Use by someone other than the account holder
  3. The act of using a single account by more than one person
  4. Registering a user with false entries, errors, or intentional omissions in the information to be declared at the time of user registration.
  5. Holding of two or more accounts by the same person per registration type (except for cases in which the Company has granted special permission)
  6. Any act that interferes with our business, whether intentionally or negligently
  7. Infringement of the copyrights and other rights of the Company and its contractors
  8. Acts that defame or slander our company or a third party and cause disadvantage
  9. Violation of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, moral rights such as rights of publicity, other legal rights or rights that deserve protection, or violation of relevant laws and regulations
  10. Violating the privacy of a third party
  11. Engaging in illegal or suspicious activities
  12. Trade activities that we deem inappropriate
  13. The act of depositing money into two (or more) vendors to trade in both directions (including the same or highly correlated currency pairs)
  14. Double-denomination trading in multiple accounts with our company (including the same currency pair and highly correlated currency pair)
  15. Third parties repeatedly depositing and trading at the same time and withdrawing money at the same time from each other.
  16. Transactions that are considered malicious and aimed at blind spots in the services and systems provided
  17. A trade that is considered to be malicious and is only targeted at the time of an economic indicator, the release of the U.S. jobs report, or a sudden change in the market, such as government or central bank intervention.
  18. Trading large lots with no prior notice
  19. Registering with false contact information or third party contact information
  20. Acts that mislead the consumer or that we deem to be undesirable based on the consumer's judgment
  21. A person who is either a quasi-inhibited person or an incarcerated person and who registers without the consent of his or her legal representative at the time of application.
  22. Registering as a user when you are under the age of 18
  23. Antisocial behavior, violation of laws and regulations, and any other behavior prohibited by the Company from time to time
  24. Registering as a user a person with an antisocial power, a criminal record, a person who violates the law or a person whom we prohibit from time to time

Article 13 (Write Input and Uploaded Data)

  1. User data uploaded through this service will not be returned.
  2. If you cancel your membership, we will discard your data uploaded by this service.

Article 14 (Warranty)

We will segregate the same amount of funds equal to your funds.

Article 15 (Temporary Suspension of the Service)

The Company may temporarily suspend the Service without prior consent of the user for any of the following reasons

  1. For system maintenance.
  2. In the event that the Service cannot be provided due to a natural disaster such as a fire, windstorm, flood or earthquake.
  3. If the Company deems that it is not possible to provide smooth service in relation to the provision of this service.

Article 16 (Changes in Specifications of the Service, etc.)

We may add or change the specifications of this service without prior consent of the user.

Article 17 (Payment)

We do not accept deposits from third parties. Deposits can only be made in the same name as the account holder. Funds sent in the name of a third party will be immediately returned to you without exception.

Article 18 (Withdrawal)

We do not accept any withdrawal requests from third parties. If a withdrawal request is made under a third party's name, it will be rejected. We keep the same amount of funds in segregated storage as the client's investment funds, so you can trade with us with confidence. Only those who have submitted the necessary documents to open an account can apply for withdrawal.

Article 19 (Formation of Contract)

  1. If you are not registered as a user, please fill out and submit the registration form on our website after confirming the contents of these Terms of Use. Upon receipt of the ID and account information, etc., we will send you the ID and account information required to log in to your My Page via email.
  2. Registered users are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Service.
  3. A contract is considered to have been concluded between you and our company when your Aroon Ambassador has agreed to this agreement and the terms of service, registered with us, submitted the necessary documents, and been approved as a partner.

Article 20 (Cancellation, Returns and Refunds)

  1. We are not responsible for the loss of your trade, and we cannot refund you for it. All transactions are at the discretion and responsibility of the user.
  2. In the event that the User's prohibited activities are applicable, the withdrawal may not be allowed, and the User shall not protest the significance of the same.In this case, we will refund the principal amount you have paid in. However, if the principal has been lost at the time of discovery, the principal has already been reduced to 0 yen and no refund can be processed. In this case, the amount of profit you made from trading with the bonus will not be refunded as the principal.
  3. If we receive more than five (5) incidents within a thirty (30) day period that we deem to be problems associated with the promotion of our services, we will freeze the compensation and maintain it until the cause of the problem is identified and we are assured that it will not recur.
  4. In the event that an partner is found to be in trouble because of illegal or obscene activities or violations of these Terms and Conditions in advertising the service, we may terminate the registration of the service's advertising activity and forfeit the fee, and suspend or delete the service unconditionally. There is. In some cases, legal action shall be taken to deal with the situation.
  5. Payments made within 5 minutes of a user via Partner are not considered commissions.
  6. Payments made by a user through a partner within 5 minutes are not considered fees.

Article 21 (Action for Reversing Loss Compensation at the Time of Withdrawal)

We prohibit the use of bonuses and zero-cut stemming blindspots and, in accordance with clause 12.13.14 of our Terms and Conditions, the act of depositing money into two (or more) firms to trade bilaterally or to trade bilaterally in our multiple accounts is prohibited.If we determine that you have traded in these activities using a deposit bonus, the amount withdrawn will be the amount of the withdrawal minus the amount of loss compensation (paid by us in the Zero Cut Stem) at the time of the withdrawal request.This decision is based on the experience of our monitoring team, and although there may be discrepancies with your intentions, we may take action when we suspect something is wrong. However, we reserve the right to execute the transaction if we are in doubt.Please note that since you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions at the time of opening your account, you will be deemed to have agreed to the above terms and conditions at the time you start trading.

Article 22 (Disclaimer)

The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of or inability to use the Service, regardless of the cause.

Article 23 (Duration of contract)

The term of this Agreement is one year from the date of our approval of your membership. Unless either party expresses an intention to terminate the Agreement at least thirty (30) days prior to the termination date, this Agreement will be automatically extended for a further one (1) year, and the same shall apply thereafter.

Article 24 (Cancellation and Withdrawal)

If you wish to cancel your membership or withdraw from the site, you must apply through the contact form. Once we receive your request for withdrawal, we will process your request within one week.The account balance is the responsibility of the account holder to make a withdrawal before the cancellation or withdrawal request is made.When the withdrawal is processed, the account itself is destroyed and the account balance is considered to be abandoned.If you request for withdrawal when you have unpaid sales of less than $50 in Partner, you will forfeit those sales at the time of your request. No cancellation or withdrawal fees will be charged.

Article 25 (Service and Support Hours, etc.)

The hours for opening an account, accepting Partners and issuing IDs are as follows

  1. Opening an account and accepting Partner and IDs are available 24 hours a day.

Article 26 (Compensation for Damage)

In the event that damage is caused by any reason and a claim for compensation for damage, etc. is made, the operator and the user shall consult with each other.

Article 27 (Governing Law)

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country in which the Company operates and shall not be governed by the laws of the country in which the user resides. In the event of a dispute between the Company and a user, the user agrees that the dispute shall be settled amicably by discussion between the two parties, but depending on the amount of the dispute, the user agrees to submit the dispute to the courts of the country in which the Company operates.