Aroon Ambassador Terms & Conditions

Aroon Trading Company Aroon Ambassador Terms & Conditions(“Terms”) is to define the relationship between Aroon Trading Company (“Company”) and the Aroon Ambassador.

Article 1(Definition)

The definition of the term in this “terms” are as follows.

1: Aroon Ambassador Program A system in which we encourage you to open an account with us through the Aroon Ambassador link we provided on our website, and pay the Aroon Ambassador the amount of money offered in advance for the result.
2: Aroon Ambassador Member An individual, corporation or group that intends to post advertising materials provided by advertisers on its own websites, email magazines, drive visitors to the websites, and receive commission from us.
3: Aroon Ambassador Commission The commission is separately determined by the Company in advance in the Aroon Ambassador program (the price is tax included)
4: Visitor The user that visits our site through the link of Aroon Ambassador.
5: Link A hyperlink in the place of the web, that by clicking it the advertiser site will display in the visitor’s browser. It take all forms that are generated by the advertiser site like text, product image, logo buttons, banner, etc.
6: Aroon Ambassador link The link that contains the necessary information for the realization of the Aroon Ambassador program.

Article 2(How to apply)

An Aroon Ambassador shall join our program upon agreeing to all the terms and conditions, filling out and sending the "Aroon Ambassador Registration Application Form" on our website. Becoming an Aroon Ambassador is subject to approval by the Company.

Article 3(Aroon Ambassador commission Type)

Lifetime commission type: In the Aroon Ambassador program, commission is predetermined by us and calculated by the frequency of use by visitors.

Article 4(Services)

The company will operate, develop and manage a network for Aroon Ambassadors and visitors to be able to use the Aroon Ambassador program.

Article 5(Payment to Aroon Ambassador)

1: Participants Approval The Aroon Ambassador will accept the link issued by the Company.
2: Subject of Payment We are the entity that pays the Aroon Ambassador the commission generated by the Aroon Ambassador program.
3: Delayed payment The commission payment, although assumed to be performed on the date stipulated, since the payment processing is being done between different countries, it may be delayed than expected. The Company is not responsible for delayed payments.

Article 6(Cancellation of program)

  1. Aroon Ambassador can cancel the program at any time on the website without prior notification to us.
  2. Aroon Ambassador understands that even after our approval of participation in the program, program may be canceled without prior notification from us.

Article 7(Link configuration)

Aroon Ambassador uses the link issued by our company to set the link on its own website. It is impossible to change the link without our permission, and our prior approval is necessary when making such changes.

Article 8(Transaction management)

  1. We provide Aroon Ambassadors with a dedicated management page, and Aroon Ambassadors shall always access this management page, and are obligated to check their daily transactions and report to us immediately if they find any erroneous transactions.
  2. The Company shall not be responsible for any problems in respect of payment that may arise at a later date due to failure to report.

Article 9 (Receipt of payment)

  1. The payment to the Aroon Ambassador will be made directly from the company. In some cases, an agency in each country is used in order to facilitate the payment.
  2. The payment be calculated and sent to the account you have opened with us. Opening of this account is completed when Aroon Ambassador registration is performed.
  3. Aroon Ambassador commission is finalized until the settlement is done. Before this time the commission is not confirmed.
  4. Payments shall be made every two weeks (commission generated between 1st-15th shall be paid on 25th, commission generated between 16th-30th shall be paid on 10th of the next month).
  5. If there is an error in the payment due to a malfunction, it will be settled with the next month's Aroon Ambassador payment.
  6. With regard to tax related questions under this section, Aroon Ambassador shall be responsible for tax filing and tax declaration in accordance with the tax laws and regulations of the country in which the Aroon Ambassador resides.

Article 10 (Service Maintaince)

Service maintenance shall be implemented time to time. If for the time that the services may be stopped, Aroon Ambassador shall not raise any objections.

Article 11(Handling of Personal Information)

  1. We will not release any Aroon Ambassador registration information that we may learn through this agreement or transaction data obtained through the program without the prior approval of the Aroon Ambassador. However, this does not apply to information that is already known, or in case of an order or investigation by a court of law or police or other administrative agency. Aroon Ambassador consents to the fact that we may disclose Aroon Ambassador registration information to users as necessary for the operation of the Aroon Ambassador program.
  2. The Aroon Ambassador information as statistics are aggregated in general, and assumed to be available and published.
  3. Aroon Ambassador shall not divulge to any third party any technical, business, or other information of the Company or any Related companies that it has learned in connection with the Service.However, known information shall be excluded.
  4. We shall properly handle Aroon Ambassador's personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  5. When communicating by email on our system, no information other than the registered name and email address shall be made public.

Article 12(Contract Period)

The term of this Agreement is one year from the date of our approval of your membership, and unless either party expresses an intention to terminate this Agreement at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of termination, this Agreement will be renewed for another year, and the same applies thereafter.

Article 13(Unsubscribe Aroon Ambassador)

Aroon Ambassador may unsubscribe the program by submitting a request via the contact form.

Article 14(Cancellation of Registration)

We may cancel the registration of the Aroon Ambassador and terminate the contract between us and the Aroon Ambassador in the event of any of the following events

  1. When it is deemed impossible to contact the Aroon Ambassador by e-mail for reasons such as not receiving email more than three times.
  2. No commission generated to the Aroon Ambassador for one year.

Article 15(prohibited activity)

  1. Aroon Ambassadors shall not engage in any of the following prohibited activities
    1. Ad materials and link code modification
      Modification of the link (including the advertisement material and its link code) provided by the Company without the permission of the advertiser. However, altering the size of the QR Code (enlarging or reducing its size) is excluded.
    2. Request for commssion
      Any attempt to coerce, plead, or ask visitors to make sales or click on any material that is not related to the introduction or advertisement of the Company's website, but solely for the purpose of obtaining compensation, or to mislead visitors.
    3. False acts
      Any unauthorized act by Aroon Ambassador, either by itself or with the connivance of a third party, such as pretending that an action has occurred to qualify for a contingency fee, or any other act that could be considered as unfairly earning a contingency fee, such as clicks, orders, or registrations that are contrary to the purpose of the advertisement or the purpose of the service.
    4. Spamming
      Spamming by email, advertising by posting on bulletin boards, etc., or any other method or means of publicity that may be considered a nuisance to a third party.
    5. Posting of expired advertising material
      The act of continuing to publish advertising material or its link code that has expired.
    6. Multiple Aroon Ambassador registrations by the same individual or entity
      (unless otherwise approved by us)
    7. Recommendations to customers for content that is contrary to the site's content or terms of use
    8. Anything you say or do that is detrimental to our company.
    9. All other actions that we deem inappropriate
  2. Aroon Ambassadors must not engage in prohibited activities when they are involved with us outside of Aroon Ambassador activities.
  3. If Aroon Ambassadors discover that a user or other Aroon Ambassadors are violating the Terms of Service or engaging in prohibited behaviors, they must point out, instruct, or guide the user or other Aroon Ambassadors to stop the prohibited behaviors immediately.At the same time, they must report to us any violators of the Terms of Service and prohibited activities.
  4. We shall determine whether or not an act is prohibited, and shall not require an explanation of its content or basis to the Aroon Ambassador.
  5. We reserve the right to ask for server log files for any Aroon Ambassador activity we consider suspicious.In order to protect the security of the system that operates the Service, these decision criteria are not disclosed to the Aroon Ambassador in principle, unless there are special circumstances.

Article 16(Guarantees)

  1. Aroon Ambassador guarantees that, as of the date of this agreement, Aroon Ambassador has no capital or financial relationship with anti-social forces such as organized crime groups, does not provide funds or engage in any other transactions regardless of the name, and does not appoint them as officers or employ them as employees.
  2. Aroon Ambassador guarantees that, until the expiration of the term of this agreement, Aroon Ambassador will not be capitalized or financially associated with anti-social forces such as crime syndicates, nor will Aroon Ambassador provide funds or engage in any other transactions, regardless of their name, nor will Aroon Ambassador appoint them as its officers or employees.

Article 17 (Compulsory Termination of Contract and Forfeiture of Commission)

  1. The Company may terminate this Agreement without any notice for the following reasons
    1. If the Aroon Ambassador fails to comply with the provisions of this agreement
    2. If the Aroon Ambassador is committing an illegal act
    3. Prohibited acts by Aroon Ambassador
    4. When it becomes clear that the registered site name or URL is the same, or the email address is the same, or the payee is the same, or the name or company name is the same, and yet another Aroon Ambassador member ID has been obtained (however, this shall not apply in cases where the Company has given special permission)
    5. Other sites that we deem inappropriate
  2. If a contract is involuntarily terminated due to the reasons stated in the preceding paragraph, we may forfeit the commission paid in relation to the Aroon Ambassador and refuse to pay it at all.

we may charge Aroon Ambassador for :

  1. penalties as the same amount commission already paid
  2. Transportation, labor, and other costs required for the survey in the preceding paragraph
  3. All expenses (including legal fees) in the event of a lawsuit or other judicial proceeding

These shall be chargeable to the Aroon Ambassador.

Article 18 (Method of Communication)

  1. Communication between the Aroon Ambassador and our company shall be carried out by email and the Aroon Ambassador's dedicated management screen as a rule. During the term of the agreement, the Aroon Ambassador may not reject these communications.

Article 19 (Suspension, Modification, Modification, Addition and Deletion of Services)

The Company may suspend, change, modify, add or delete its services at any time.

Article 20 (Qualifications as an Aroon Ambassador shall be as follows)

  1. You must not operate the following sites
    1. Links to adult sites or sites with adult banners.
    2. Sites that encourage violence and abuse
    3. Sites that promote racism
    4. Sites that violate other laws and networks that are offensive to public order and morals.
  2. The site administrator and the publisher of the newsletter must be over 18 years of age.
  3. No false information on your application to Aroon Ambassador
  4. read and and complying with this Agreement
  5. no false data or information provided to the network after the start of the program
  6. You have not been forced to unsubscribe from Aroon Ambassador for our service in the past.
  7. Be civil in your communication with the Company and its Related companies.

Article 21 (Registration, Approval)

We shall approve your Aroon Ambassador on the basis of the information you submit at the time of registration. We assume full responsibility for any damage or harm caused by false declarations or acts of the Aroon Ambassador at the time of approval or thereafter.

Article 22 (Copyright)

All Aroon Ambassador content available through the network shall be free of copyright issues, and we shall not be liable for any copyright issues that may arise between Aroon Ambassador and third parties.

Article 23 (Limitation of Guarantee)

The Company shall endeavor to maintain its services, its operation, its use and the results of its use with the utmost effort and stability, but shall not guarantee the following.

  1. The service must operate without interruption and without problems.
  2. Defects shall always be repaired.
  3. not to allow computer viruses or other destructive components to exist in the Service.
  4. Adequate security methods are provided.

Article 24 (Limitation of Liability)

If this Agreement is terminated in the middle of the term, neither party shall be liable to the other party for damages, regardless of the cause of such termination.The same shall apply even if the other party has been warned of the possibility of such loss or damage in advance. This damage shall include all damages, including lost profits and indirect damages.

Article 25 (Intellectual Property Rights and License)

All intellectual property rights in the content, technology and all images (including banners, trademarks, etc.) that we provide to Aroon Ambassador belong to the provider, and Aroon Ambassador is licensed to use them only within the confines of the network.In addition, Aroon Ambassador may not modify or change any of these contents without prior permission.

Article 26 (Confidential Information)

  1. For the purposes of this Agreement, confidential information means any and all documents, drawings, ideas, know-how, program sources and information (including data) that Aroon Ambassador obtains or becomes known to it in connection with this Agreement, and which are either.
    • "Confidential" or some other notation of confidentiality, and disclosed in writing.
    • The information must be disclosed in writing within 30 days from the date of disclosure and must be clearly stated to be confidential at the time of disclosure and must be notified to Aroon in writing within 30 days from the date of disclosure.
    • The information is disclosed by a method other than in writing or orally, and the intention of "confidentiality" is indicated at the time of disclosure.
    • Personal information as defined in Article 11
    • The ID and corresponding password granted under this Agreement.
    • All other information that we have not publicly disclosed on our website or otherwise.
  2. Information that can prove that the following is true shall not be included in confidential information.
    • Information that Aroon Ambassador already knew without confidentiality before disclosure from the Company
    • Facts that were already known at the time when the information was obtained or information that became publicly known regardless of the reasons that should be attributed to Aroon Ambassador, or other publicly available information
    • Information that is legitimately obtained from a third party without obligation of confidentiality
    • Independently developed information regardless of the disclosure of information from the Company
    • Information that we have agreed in writing excluded from confidential information

Article 27 (Force majeure)

In the case of natural disasters, omission of authorities, fire, strikes, floods, epidemics, including riot or act of war, etc. but are not limited to, in the case of a default by reason beyond the reasonable control of the parties, none of the parties, of the contractual obligations for performance delay or unenforceable it is assumed that it is not responsible.

Article 28 (Jurisdiction)

  1. These Terms and Conditions and this Agreement are governed by the laws of the country of operation.
  2. Litigation in relation to these Terms and Conditions and this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country in which the Company operates and shall not be governed by the laws of the country in which the User resides.In the event that a dispute arises between our company and Aroon Ambassador, the user agrees that both parties will discuss the dispute and attempt to resolve it amicably, but if it is deemed difficult to resolve the dispute, the user agrees to refer the dispute to the courts of the country in which we operate, depending on the amount of the case.

Article 29 (Revision of Terms and Conditions)

This agreement and its terms and conditions may be changed or revised at any time without the consent of Aroon Ambassador at our discretion.